In this section you'll find our topical collections -- materials ordered according to their concern with a person or a subject. Much of it is also in the alphabetical index.

Your guide to what Christianity is all about.

Special materials on principles of harmonization. Alleged contradiction problems solved!

Did Jesus rise from the dead? The evidence-sifters say YES!

The purpose of Christ's sacrifice.

Extra-Biblical sources confirming the Scriptures.

Responses to Voltaire -- the snobby elite of the Skeptic set.

On Thomas Paine. Take two rebuttals and call us in the morning.

On David Friedrich Strauss, Mr. Pick and Choose himself.

David Hume's difficulties with miracles are resolved here.

To Robert Ingersoll, the man who learned that yelling loudly and indignantly sometimes gets people's attention.

What is a Deist? Why are they wrong? Find out here.

Primary source documentation that proves the Judeo-Christian foundations of the United States.

Presidential proponents of Christianity.

The Founding Fathers' acknowledgements of the importance and influence of Christianity.

Who was involved in forging the U.S. Constitution?

Presenting the principles that motivated the American Revolution.

Can war be morally justified?

Miracles in American History, acknowledged by the Founding Fathers and other famous Americans.

What is the ultimate source of law?

Recognizing the foundation of moral and civil law, and a salute to Moses.

Special addresses for the 4th of July.

Acknowledging America's official national motto and its origins.

American and English leaders urge their citizens to give honor and thanks to God.

American and English decrees for humbling ourselves before God.

Christians speak out against slavery.

A presentation by the finest legal minds in history.

Documentation from skeptics complimenting Jesus Christ, the Bible, and/or Christianity. Also, testimony from skeptics who converted to Christianity.

Is science compatible with the Scriptures? Find the answer here.

Judgement and Just desserts in the afterlife.

Debunking the copycat myths.

It's a bibliography of the best things to read.

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